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Sending a Recognition Award with an Image Attachment

Ready to send your first recognition to someone and attach an image? This step-by-step guide will walk through sending and sharing a piece of recognition with an image upload.

Please note: In this tutorial, recognition awards are called Medals. Each Teamphoria organization can name customize their award name, so yours may be different. 

Step 1: Select the Recognition link in the side-nav, or select Send a Medal in the engagement links on the Activity Feed.

Step 2: Search for the person or persons you want to give recognition to by typing their first name or email address. Once found in the list, select the user to add.

Did you know you can also send Awards to an entire group within your organization, as well as colleagues outside Teamphoria? 

Step 3: Choose the award level you'd like to give by selecting Silver, Gold or Platinum. If you typed more than one name in the field above, the Group award should be automatically highlighted. 

We encourage users to base the award on the amount of impact the individual has made. The monthly allotments below each award are there to help users decide the best level. A silver award would be tied to an action that held less impact than a gold award, and much less impact than a platinum award.

Step 4: Select the Impact and Core Value the chosen Team Member demonstrated if applicable. 

Please note: Some organizations have this feature turned off, so you may not see these fields. 

Step 5: Provide a description of how the Team Member earned the award and then select Attach Image or simply drag and drop an image into the box below.

Step 6: Once your image is uploaded, you have the option to remove the image by selecting Remove Image. Add an optional Thank You note to recipient in the field at the bottom of the page. Only the recipient will see this note. 

Step 7: You can share this recognition with anyone in Teamphoria by adding multiple team members in the Share field. Select the green Submit button to send your recognition award! 

Your recognition will appear on the Activity Feed with the image attached!

That's it! You've now sent your first piece of recognition with an image attached!