Creating an Organization Goal with Manual Milestones | Teamphoria

Creating an Organization Goal with Manual Milestones

Ready to start adding organization goals with manual milestones? This step-by-step guide will walk through adding organization goals with manual milestones as well as viewing the progress of your organization goals.

Before you start: Have you created an Organization Goal Set yet? You'll need to create an Organization Goal Set before adding any organization goals.

Step 1: Select the Admin Settings link in the left-hand navigation. Select the Manage tab -- then select Goals under Measurement. 

Step 2: Select the Organization tab at the top of the page and find the organization goal set that you just created and select Details.


Step 3: Select the +Add Goal button to add your first organization goal.  

Step 4: Give the goal a title, optional summary, and optional due date. Make sure to select the Manually Completing Milestones radio button under the Track Goal Progress By option to add milestones. Select the Save button to save that goal.


Step 5: After selecting Save the goal will show as part of the Organization Goal Set list. Select the +Add Goal button again to add more goals, or the Settings icon to edit your goal set settings.

Step 6: Once you've added all your organization goals, select the Organization link in the left-hand navigation and then the Goals tab to see how they are publicly displayed to the rest of the users in Teamphoria.  


That's it! You've now added organization goals with milestones in Teamphoria! Every user in Teamphoria can now view your organization goals.