Need to view your direct report’s performance review results? As a manager you have the ability to view your direct report's responses to their self review before you take the review on them. This step-by-step guide will walk through comparing team member performance review results.

Please Note: As a manager, you will have to release the performance review results after reviewing to allow the direct report to see them. See how to release performance review results here

Step 1: Select My Profile on the left-hand navigation and then select the Direct Reports tab.

Step 2: Select your Direct Report's profile card to be taken to their profile.

free employee review software manager view of employee performance profile

Step 3: Once on the direct report's profile, select the Performance tab and then Reviews and find the header with the active performance review.

Step 4: Select the Compare Results icon under the header. This view will show all submitted performnce reviews.

managers using engagement software for tracking employee performance

That’s it! You’ve now viewed your direct report’s performance review results in Teamphoria!