Ready to start customizing your Teamphoria account? Let's start by uploading your brand image and logo image. 

Step 1: Select Admin Settings on the side navigation. Once on the Admin Settings landing page, select the Configure tab then select General.

add your logo on employee engagement software

Step 2: Scroll down the page to the Branding section and select Edit Brand Photo.

use your brand logo to boost company culture

Step 3: Select Choose File... to browse your computer or simply drag and drop a photo from your desktop

Please Note: Your brand image will appear on the side navigation and other select pages. This image must be a .jpg file with a minimum of the following dimensions: 540x136.

upload company logo on engagement software

Step 4: Choose Select Photo if you like what's been uploaded. 

selecting a photo on free employee review software


Step 5: Select and drag a box around the area of your new brand photo you want it cropped to. Select Upload once you're happy with the photo crop. 

free employee engagement software that allows for custom brand logo

That's it! You've now uploaded a brand image in Teamphoria!

You can follow the same process to upload a logo image by selecting Edit Logo under the Branding section.

Please Note: Your logo image will be displayed on the Activity Feed and other areas across the app. This image must be a .jpg file with a minimum of the following dimensions: 400x400.

free performance management software admin settings page