Update your profile photo and cover photo to show off your unique personality. This not only puts a face to a name - it also ups your company culture! This step-by-step guide will walk through updating a profile photo, but the same steps also apply to updating your cover photo. 

Step 1: Select My Profile on the side navigation or simply select your name in the upper left-hand corner to access your profile.

Step 2: Hover over your profile photo and select Edit Photo.

employee engagement software employee photos

Step 3: Select the Choose File... button to browse your computer for a new photo. Find your new photo and select Open from your desktop to upload it to Teamphoria. Or you can simply drag and drop a photo from your desktop.

choose unique photo to up company culture

Step 4: Choose Select Photo if you like what's been uploaded. 

employee photo for employee engagement software

Step 5: If your photo isn't a square yet, select and drag a box around the area of your new profile photo you want it cropped to. Select Upload once you're happy with the photo crop. 

employee engagement software photo upload

That's it! You've now update your profile photo in Teamphoria! You can follow the same process to update your cover photo, but select the Update Cover Photo link from your personal profile. 

see how photos up company culture