You've integrated your organization's Teamphoria account with Slack -- now you're ready to send an employee recognition award to another Team Member through Slack! Check out the tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this. 

Please note: The recipient of the award must be both an active member of Slack and Teamphoria (with matching account email addresses) for this to work. 

Step 1: Log into your organization's Slack account. Choose any channel, including Slackbot channel to start typing the employee recognition award. 

Please note: We suggest choosing a more discreet channel, so if you make a typo, and the employee recognition award can't go through, the whole organization isn't alerted.  

employee recognition integration with slack

Step 2: Type /teamphoria give and then hit Enter to reveal a guidance menu on the employee recognition award format you need to follow.

Please note: Even though the guidance says [reason with @recipients] you should not type those with the [ ] surrounding. We will show an example below.

employee recognition example 

Step 3: Now that you've seen the guidance menu you're ready to start sending an employee recognition award through Slack! Type the following below following the guidance model above.

Please note: You can include as many @-tagged recipients as you like. If you include more than one the group award type will be automatically selected for you. 

/teamphoria give I cannot expresso how much I needed some coffee this morning. @jake knew I needed the caffeine jolt. Thanks a latte!

slack integration for employee recognition

Step 4: Once everything looks good, hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to initiate the award.

Step 5: You'll be prompted to select the Core Value, Impact and Award Type.

employee engagement software employee recognition integration 

Step 6: Once you've made the appropriate selections, click the green button to send the employee recognition award!

Please note: You may be encountering the following issues if your employee recognition award doesn't go through.

Recipient doesn't exist: That means the person you've tagged in Slack does not exist with a matching email address in Teamphoria.

Sender doesn't exist: That means that your Slack account and Teamphoria account email addresses do not match. 

That's it! You've now sent your first employee recognition award through Slack! 

employee recognition platinum medal example