Depending on the settings in Teamphoria for your organization, the employee communication feature may be turned on. There are four default employee communications in Teamphoria: Announcements, Ask a Question, Make a Suggestion, and Vent a Frustration. Your organization's admin may have also created customized employee communication types specific to your company. The process for submitting a form of employee communication are all similar. Below is a guide to submitting a Suggestion. 

Submitting a Suggestion -- Step 1: Select the Communication link in the side-nav and then Make a Suggestion. If you do not see the Communication link, you can contact your organization's Administrator to see if this feature can be turned on. 

employee communication suggestion submission 

Submitting a Suggestion -- Step 2: Give your Suggestion a title and description. There may be an option to be Anonymous when giving a suggestion. If that box is not selected, or available, then your name and profile picture will be attached to the Suggestion. Select Submit and you're all set!  

employee engagement platform employee communication


That's it! You've now sent a Suggestion in Teamphoria!