You've created and launched your Employee Engagement Survey and you're ready to see the results start rolling in. Read instructions below to access your Employee Engagement Survey results.

Done collecting results and want to see your Employee Engagement Survey score? Learn how here.

Step 1: Select the Admin Settings link in the left-hand navigation. Select the Manage tab -- then select Surveys under Measurement.

Please note: You must have the role Survey Admin in order to access the Manage Surveys link. 

view results from employee engagement survey on free employee review software

Step 2: Select the employee survey you want to see results for by choosing the Details button to the right of the employee survey name.  

view company culture results and employee engagement 

Step 3: View the results on the details page by scrolling through all questions. Select the Export button in the upper right-hand corner of results to get a .CSV download of all results. 

export results to measure culture using our free culture survey 

Step 4: For short or long answer questions select View All Answers to view the entire list. Export answers to .CSV direct from the View All Answers detail page.

utilize employee communication to measure company culture and employee engagement on free employee review software

That's it! You're employee engagement survey results will update immediately upon employees submitting their surveys.