Need to resend an invitation to a pending user in Teamphoria? This step-by-step guide will walk through finding a user's profile card and sending an invitation email to join Teamphoria.

Please note: Only users marked as Pending on their profile card can be resent an invitation to join Teamphoria. If a user is marked as Active and cannot log in, send them a Password Reset email

Step 1: Select the Team Members page from the side-navigation. 

resending invites on free employee review software

Step 2: Find the user's profile card and select the additional options icon in the right-hand corner. Select Resend Invite link from the display menu.

Please note: If you do not see the Resend Password link that means the user is either Active or Deactivated in the system. You can resend a user password if they are Active and can't log in. 
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Step 3: Select the Resend Invite button from the pop-up modal to send an invitation email to join Teamphoria to the associated User's email address. The user will receive an email in a few minutes with instructions to activate their pending account.

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That's it! You've now resent an Invitation email to a Team Member from Teamphoria!