Need to request a peer to review one of your direct reports? This step-by-step guide will walk through requesting a peer review on behalf of a team member.

Step 1: Select My Profile on the left-hand navigation and then select the Direct Reports tab.

Step 2: Select your Direct Report's profile card to be taken to their profile.

manager view of employee performance review profile

Step 3: Once on the direct report's profile, select the Performance tab and then Reviews and find the header with the active performance review.

Step 4: Select the Request Review icon under the header.

Please note: Please ensure you are on a team member’s performance profile and not your own performance profile when requesting this type of review.

requesting 360 peer reviews

Step 5: Select Peer and search the team member’s name. Select Request Peer Reviewer(s).

using free employee review software to request 360 peer reviews

That’s it! You’ve now requested a peer review for a direct report in Teamphoria!