Want to check in on your buddies’ goals that you’ve been added to as an accountability buddy? This step-by-step guide will walk through viewing your buddies’ goals, and visiting the details page in order to view the progress and offer encouragement and advice.

Step 1: Select My Profile in the side-navigation. Select the Performance tab and then select Goals. Once on the goals page select My Buddies’ Goals.

performance management profile on employee engagement software

Step 2: Select the downward arrow next to the person’s goal you want to view progress on. You can also select the goal name to visit the goal’s detail page.

Please note: If you do not see any goals listed, then you have not been added as an accountability buddy for any goals.

employee engagement goals view 

Step 3: From the goal detail page, you can comment or provide encouragement.

commenting on a goal through employee communication

That’s it! You’ve now viewed your buddies’ goals!