If you manage a team at your organization, you can view your Direct Report's goals through his or her performance profile and assign goals to them. This step-by-step guide will walk through visiting a Direct Report's Performance Profile, viewing goal progress, commenting on their goals and assigning a new goal to a direct report. 

Direct Reports Page: Visit your Direct Reports page by selecting My Profile and then the Direct Reports tab. Next choose the Direct Report whose Performance Profile you'd like to view. 

Please note: If you are a manager at your company, and do not see a Direct Reports tab, please contact your Teamphoria administrator to request manager access to this page.  

manager view of direct reports in free employee review software

Assigning a Goal: Now that you're on a direct report's profile, select the Performance tab and then select Goals. All of the Direct Report's saved goals will show on this page. Select Assign a Goal to create a goal for a direct report.  

manager assigning a goal to direct report in free performance management software 

Assigning a Goal (Cont'd): Fill out the required fields to assign a goal to your Direct Report. You, as the Direct Report's manager, will automatically be added as an Accountability Buddy. Select Save to assign the goal. 

Please note: After the assigned goal is saved, only the Direct Report the goal was created for can edit the goal, add Accountability Buddies and check off Milestones. 

performance management for managers and employees through goals

Goals List: After selecting Save you will see the assigned goal at the top of the Direct Report's list of goals. You can now comment on your Direct Report's goal to provide feedback, advice or encouragement. 

using employee engagement platform for employee communication on goals and goal setting