Did you know that users can link to the Give Award page directly from an outside source and include data to prepopulate the form? 

Teamphoria’s redesigned Give Award page allows users to link directly to the page and prepopulate the form with specified data like award recipient. Developers can utilize URL query strings to pass in form selections into the page.
emails / emails[] {string / array} - an array of email addresses of team members
type {string} - the type of award level
options: ‘silver’, ‘gold’, ‘platinum’, or ‘group
impact {uuid} or {string} - the impact for the award example: 93677659-c7f2-4407-a80f-be97bfcd9510 or “My entire company”
note: the string match is case sensitive
core-value {uuid} or {string} - the core value for the award example: 6b78375e-b7fa-41b5-94d3-eaba8d5114db or “Participation”
note: the string match is case sensitive
reason / message {string} - the reason or message for earning the award
thanks-message {string} - optional thank you note to the recipient

Example 1:
https://<subdomain>.teamphoria.com/award/give?emails=nikola@tesla.com&type=platinum&impact=93677659-c7f2-4407-a80f-be97bfcd9510&core-value=6b78375e-b7fa-41b5-94d3-eaba8d5114db&reason=Great job with the inventions!&thanks-message=Thanks for inventing all of the things!

Example 2:
https://<subdomain>.teamphoria.com/award/give?emails[]=nikola@tesla.com&emails[]=albert@einstein.com&type=group&impact=93677659-c7f2-4407-a80f-be97bfcd9510&core-value=6b78375e-b7fa-41b5-94d3-eaba8d5114db&reason=Yes inventions!&thanks-message=Awesome!