Ready to customize employee recognition in Teamphoria? This step-by-step guide will walk through customizing your employee recognition name, monthly allocations, and impacts.  

Step 1: Select Admin Settings in the side navigation. Select the Configure tab -- then select Recognition under Organization.

customizing employee recognition templates on employee engagement software

Step 2: Select the pencil icon next to any of the setions below to edit.

 employee recognition templates allow you to choose allotment, employee recognition name and types

Customizing Your Recognition Award Name: Our clients have used Medal, Shout Out, Star among many others. It's really up to you! Keep in mind the action button will be "Give a <Award Name>" in the system. 

Choose your new custom recognition award name and select Save

 customize your employee recognition name

Choosing Your Monthly Allocations: You have the option to choose how many silver, gold, platinum, and group awards each user has available to give each month. If you set any award amount to zero, users will not see that level of award when sending employee recognition. 

Make your allocation selections and select Save.

choose your employee recognition monthly allotments

Choosing Your Impacts: Teamphoria has default impacts, but you are able to edit those or add additional impacts. 

To add an additional impact select +Add an Impact and select Save.

edit your employee recognition impacts on the employee recognition templates

That's it! You've now customized your employee recognition settings in Teamphoria!