Ready to customize your Leaderboard points in Teamphoria? This step-by-step guide will walk through customizing points for employee recognition, employee communication and other activity within Teamphoria. Leaderboard points are a great way to measure culture and employee engagement.

Step 1: Select the Admin Settings link in the left-hand navigation. Select the Configure tab -- then select Leaderboard under Points.

free performance management software admin settings page for leaderboard points

Step 2: Enter the point allocation for each employee recognition, employee communication, and activity section.

Please Note: If you choose 0 for any of the sections, they will not be calculated in the Leaderboard, or show in How Points Work for users.

leaderboard points raise company culture and employee engagement

Step 3: Once all of your point allocations are filled in to your liking, select Save Points. You can always go back in and edit the allocations at a later date.

Please Note: Once you select Save Points, the values will be instantly updated. The Leaderboard points will not retroactively change for any users though.

Please Note: The system takes into account all the actions that occur on the platform including the deletion of items. If an award is deleted 2 months after it's created, the points are deducted upon deletion. This allows for fixed immutable records where historical records don’t change based on changes in the future.

employee view of leaderboard points on employee recognition spftware 

That’s it! You’ve now customized your Leaderboard points in Teamphoria!