Need to change a user's role in Teamphoria? This step-by-step guide will walk through adding or removing user's roles, which will update which parts of Teamphoria they can access. 

Roles in Teamphoria: Teamphoria currently supports the following roles:

Member - Most users in your system will have the role of Member. They can access non-admin parts of the site. 

Manager - A user with this role will have access to a Direct Reports page and be able to see their Direct Report's Goal Sets and Performance Reviews. 

User Admin - A Team Member with the role User Admin will be able to add users to Teamphoria, update user profiles, and add photos. This is an ideal role if you want someone to manage users in Teamphoria, but not have access to customize settings. 

Admin - A user with an admin role can access Admin Settings to update and customize features in the system, add users to the system,  and edit user profiles and photos. 

Survey Admin - A user with this role will be able to access the Survey Manage link under Admin Settings to create new surveys and view survey results.  

HR Admin - A user with this role will have access to the Performance and Goals Manage link under Admin Settings to create, manage and edit employee performance reviews and goal setting forms. 

Reporting Role - A user with this role will have access to the Reporting & Analytics page where they can see employee recognition, employee communication and employee engagement survey score reports. 

Changing a User's Role

Step 1: Navigate to the Team Members page in the left-hand navigation. 

changing a users roles in employee engagement software


Step 2: Select the additional options icon in the right-hand corner of a user's profile card. Then select Change Roles from the drop down. 

employee engagement platform that offers different employee roles


Step 3: You can now select in the gray box with the existing roles to show all the roles, or search and choose the new roles you want to apply

 employee roles can be assigned for tracking employee performance

Step 4: When the new roles are selected, select Apply Roles to save these new settings

hr admin role is used for tracking employee performance and tracking employee recognition

That's it! You've now changed a Team Member's role in Teamphoria!

The user will need to log out and log into Teamphoria to see the new roles applied to their account.