Need to add a manager? This step-by-step guide will walk through adding a manager and adding direct reports under that manager.

Step 1: Select the Admin Settings link in the left-hand navigation. Select the Manage tab -- then select Hierarchy under Team Members.

using free employee review software to add managers

Step 2: Select +Add Manager

engagement software that has organization hierarchy 

Step 3: Search for a team member or team members in the search box and select Add Manager(s).

manager can use employee profile for tracking employee performance

Step 4: Select the arrow to the right of the manager you just added to view more details. From here you can edit managers and edit groups by clicking the pencil icon.

add managers to track company culture and employee engagement

Step 5: Select Add Direct Reports to add direct reports under the new manager added. Type in the team member’s name and cloose Select.

2017 hr trends include setting up managers to track employee engagement

Step 6: Select Add Direct Report

set up managers to facilitate employee communication

That’s it! You’ve now added a manager and a direct report under that manager.