Need to reach a team member on the go? This step-by-step article will show you how to access the Team Members page on the mobile app where you can call or email directly from your phone.

Step 1: Select the more options menu icon at the bottom of your screen and then select Team Members.

employee recognition and employee communication mobile appaccess employee profile page on performance review software mobile app 

Step 2: You can search for a team member or scroll through the list. Once you find the team member, select their name to access their profile or select the phone icon or email icon to contact them from this page.

employee engagement platform mobile app version of employee profile

Step 3: If you chose to access their profile, you can select the email address to email the user directly, or you can select the phone number to call the user directly.

 free employee review software mobile app view of employee profile

That’s it! You’ve now used your mobile app to view the Team Members page!