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Taking a Performance Review

Ready to take a Performance Review of yourself in Teamphoria? This step-by-step guide will walk through navigating to your Performance Profile, launching an overview page and starting a review. 

Step 1: Select the My Profile link in the left-hand navigation -- then click the Performance tab on your profile and make sure Reviews is selected. This will show your Performance Profile page.

Step 2: Select the Take Review button underneath the title of an active performance reviews to launch the review overview page. 


Step 3: Read the overview and when you're ready select the Start the Review button at the bottom of the page. The review will then launch with the first section open.

Select Save at the end of each section and Next to navigate further in the review. 

Please note: You don't need to submit a review in one sitting. Any saved sections you will be able to return to if you can't complete in one sitting.


That's it! You've now completed a Performance Review of yourself in Teamporia!