Sending Recognition Award through Slack | Teamphoria

Sending Recognition Award through Slack

You've integrated your organization's Teamphoria account with Slack -- now you're ready to send an award to another Team Member through Slack! Check out the tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this. 

Please note: The recipient of the award must be both an active member of Slack and Teamphoria (with matching account email addresses) for this to work. 

Step 1: Log into your organization's Slack account.  Choose any channel, including Slackbot channel to start typing the award. 

Please note: We suggest choosing a more discreet channel, so if you make a typo, and the award can't go through, the whole organization isn't alerted.  

Step 2: Type /teamphoria give and then hit Enter to reveal a guidance menu on the award format you need to follow.

Please note: Even though the guidance says [reason with @recipients] you should not type those with the [ ] surrounding. We will show an example below.


Step 3: Now that you've seen the guidance menu you're ready to start sending an award through Slack! Type the following below following the guidance model above.

Please note: You can include as many @-tagged recipients as you like. If you include more than one the group award type will be automatically selected for you. 

/teamphoria give I cannot expresso how much I needed some coffee this morning. @jake knew I needed the caffeine jolt. Thanks a latte!

Step 4: Once everything looks good, hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to initiate the award.

Step 5: You'll be prompted to select the Core Value, Impact and Award Type.


Step 6: Once you've made the appropriate selections, click the green button to send the award!

Please note: You may be encountering the following issues if your award doesn't go through.

Recipient doesn't exist: That means the person you've tagged in Slack does not exist with a matching email address in Teamphoria.

Sender doesn't exist: That means that your Slack account and Teamphoria account email addresses do not match. 

That's it! You've now sent your first recognition award through Slack!