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Sending Communication

Depending on the settings in Teamphoria for your organization, the Communication feature may be turned on. There are four default communications in Teamphoria: Ask a Question, Make a Suggestion, Announcements and Vent. Your organization's admin may also have created customized communication types. The process for submitting a form of communication are all similar. Below is a guide to submitting a Suggestion. 

Submitting a Suggestion -- Step 1: Select the Communication link in the side-nav and then Make a Suggestion. If you do not see the Communication link, you can contact your organization's Administrator to see if this feature can be turned on. 


Submitting a Suggestion -- Step 2: Give your Suggestion a title and description. There may be an option to be Anonymous when giving a suggestion. If that box is not selected, or available, then your name and profile picture will be attached to the Suggestion. Select Submit and you're all set!  


That's it! You've now sent a Suggestion in Teamphoria!