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Requesting a Peer Review for a Direct Report

Need to request a peer review for a direct report? This step-by-step guide will walk through requesting a peer review on behalf of a team member.

Step 1: Select My Profile on the left-hand navigation and then select the Direct Reports tab.

Step 2: Select the additional actions icon and then View Profile on the team member you’d like to compare results for, or just select their picture to be taken to their profile.

Step 3: Once on the direct report's profile, select the Performance tab and then Reviews and find the header with the active performance review.

Step 4: Select the Request Peer Review icon under the header.

Please note: Please ensure you are on a team member’s performance profile and not your own performance profile when requesting this type of review.

That’s it! You’ve now requested a peer review for a direct report in Teamphoria!