Interacting with the Activity Feed | Teamphoria

Interacting with the Activity Feed

The Activity Feed in Teamphoria is a great way to engage with your Team Members and see what's going on in your organization. Based on customization of your organization's account the feed may contain Recognition Awards, Communication, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries and Core Values. 

Activity Feed: Logging into Teamphoria will take you directly to the activity feed. To navigate to the feed from another page, select Activity Feed in the side-nav. 

Feed Interactions: The feed allows you to comment on and 'like' recognition and communication, filter the feed by Awards, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries or Communications, and share awards with other Team Members. You also have the option to filter the Activity Feed by certain groups or locations based on your organization's settings.

Commenting on items: If you want to comment on an award or piece of communication simply select the talk box icon below the post, type a comment and select submit. To like or share an item, select the heart icon or the arrow icon under the post. 

Leaderboard: Want to see who is a top engager in your organization? Select the Leaderboard link under Activity Feed to see who's received the most points for the last month. You can gain points by either giving or receiving recognition awards. 

Notifications: If you want to see all the posts you've sent or interacted with, simply select your name in the upper left-hand corner of the application to expose the account settings menu. Then select the Notifications link.


That's it! You're now ready to start engaging with Team Members and Leadership on the Activity Feed!